Three "D" Art

2019 Artists.


Three dimensional art includes sculpture, garden art, functional items such as mugs and flower pots. Some of it would be classified as "fine craft".  

Three D art is a way for those that have filled their walls to keep collecting and supporting artists.  We have been switching to artist made mugs and plates.  It adds a dimension of conversation when we have company, and also a little more joy to every morning as we select our coffee cups.

Click on the photos to the right to go to the artists website, Facebook page or send them an inquiry.

All images are copyright to the artist.  

Carole Berhorst
Terry Butler
Donald Calloway
Joanie & Josh Drizen
Tom Elliott
David Ellison
BJ Foster
Hal Froot
Rachel Gervais
Jeff Hageman
Debbie and Dennis Himes
Eric Keller
Debbie La Pratt
Ryan & Kaitlyn Lawless
Leah May
McFadden- Keesling
Kelly O-Neill
Brandee Ross
Annmarie Strassel
Gabriel Totzke
Dale Ryan
LaVerne Thorpe
Charlene Uresey
Michael Willenborg
Paul Wizynajtys & David Barber
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