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Lots To See and Plenty To Do


Motorcity Mermaids

Visit the Motorcity Mermaids, live at the show.  Take your photos with them.   Discussing the importance of clean waterways with a mermaid has got to count for extra credit!

The Belle Isle Art Fair celebrates the artists and their creations.  One way we do this is by encouraging those coming out to learn about the process and even to try creating art on their own.  That's why we partner with area organizations to offer hands on activities.  Our artists are also encouraged to demonstrate.

Belle Isle Park has been a feature of the city since 1880.   People in the area have fond memories of attending a family reunion, a community celebration or a major event at the Island.  Many visit the park throughout the year to enjoy it's beauty and serenity.


The Belle Isle Art Fair is meant to help you bring that beauty back home with you to enjoy. A chance to relax even when you can't take the time to visit the Island.  Artwork that sparks memories and promotes a sense of well being.  


For more information about the park, the city, and other outdoor attractions click on any of the links below.


BACA Bikers Against Child Abuse

Learn about East Jefferson

All about Belle Isle Park

Michigan State Parks

City of Detroit

Ride your bike and lock it up to the fences adjacent to the art fair.  Take the Belle Isle bus service (Route 12) to the island.  Click here for the bus schedule.

See some cool tricked out bikes. Learn about how we can all recognize and prevent child abuse.  Do an art project or get a temporary tattoo.



There are many ways to participate. The most important is to come out and support the artists.​


Click here to find out about supporting the event.

Liberty Crochet Mural

Many across the country are feelings about recent politics through their art.  Women in at least twenty five states are creating Liberty Crochet Murals.  Come see Michigan's version and find out what it's all about.

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