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F.A.Q.'s  (Freely Answered Queries)

The Basics-

A beautiful juried art fair with 100 professional artists from more than a dozen states and emerging teen artists from Mint Artists Guild.


This is the art fairs eighth year.  It is produced by Integrity Shows, which also produces the Palmer Park and Funky Ferndale Art Fairs. 


Our focus is mix of urban art with tranquility and beauty.



August 5-6.

Saturday 10 to 7  and Sunday 11 to 5


Unusual Features-

Heritage Tent- Iconic artists who no longer participate in shows due to age, health or other issues.

Mint Artists Guild- Teen artists learning to make and sell their work and exploring creative careers.

Story Telling

Art Activities

Beer Tent

Family and children's activities-

 Mint Artists Guild, MCHA, BACA  will all lead art projects.


Adventure Crate is doing children book readings every hour.

Be among the first to see Michigan's Liberty Mural on display at the art fair.


Fork 'N Nigeria, Pink Flamingo, E.M. Cheese (Exotic Grilled Cheese) and baked goods. Also lemonade, Italian ice and other treats

Cooling off-

A misting area will be set up, there will be benches around the festival for you to relax, grab a cold drink.



Porta potties are on site.  Real plumbing is at the Belle Isle Casino- 362 steps away. 



The art fair is adjacent to the Scott Fountain and next to Belle Isle's largest parking lot. Bikers may lock their cycles to the fence near the fair.

How much does it cost?-

The art fair is free, as is parking. You do need a state park pass, which gives you entry to all Michigan state parks for a year. 

What else should I see while on Belle Isle?

Other parts of Belle Isle to see:

    + Belle Isle Aquarium. Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10 to 4.

    + Beach.  Located on the north side of the island, and open until 9 p.m. 

    + Fishing   - several piers, mostly along the side facing Canada.

    + Watch for freighters - They come by regularly.

    + Dossin Great Lakes Museum.  Focuses on the shipping and maritime heritage with model ships and more.

    + Sunset Point. Head there and enjoy the sun slipping away in a tranquil place.

    + Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse. Built in 1929, and the only lighthouse made of marble, it's on the north end of the island. Not open to public.

Details on Belle Isle may be found on the DNR website or through the Belle Isle Conservancy.

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