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Secret Garden

It's no secret that Belle Isle has plants and flowers from one end to the other.  Many people know about the new Oudolf Garden.  Even more are familiar with the Conservatory.  The island also features sculptures, which are hidden in plain site.

Since the start we have felt that the Belle Isle Art Fair is all about taking home the beauty of the island so that you can enjoy it all year long.  That's why we have added our Secret Art Garden element.  Between booth 127 and 131 you will find the not so secret entrance.  Once there you can relax with our Adirondack chairs, see outdoor art in it's natural element and learn from many of the areas outdoor organizations.

Participating Organizations 




​11:00am   Timothy Jackson, Detroit Hives

Detroit: Bee City

1:00pm     Willie Patmon 

Urban Farming

3:00pm   Indya Hunt

Urban Forestry

5:00pm    Rachel Felder  Detroit Parks & Recreation

Native Plantings in Detroit Parks


Noon       April Campbell

Birding While Black in Detroit

2:00pm   Tom Allenson Belle Isle Nature Center

Flowering Perennials at the

Belle Isle Nature Center



​12:45PM until 2:45PM  

Rachel Felder  Detroit Parks and Recreation

‘Zine Project

Garden Gifts

Visit the garden and you can pick up some free seeds, plants and information.  There are a limited number of gifts so come early.

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